Policy and FAQ’s

Pool/Gym Closed We typically teach during the off hours of SMART SPORTS gym, so main entrances may say closed or be locked on Sundays! Use the door to left, marked EXIT (Swimming Lessons sign posted) to gain entry to the gym. The pool doors will be open and coaches waiting 🙂

Early Arrival – We love it when you’re on time, but please do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your lesson. In order to avoid distractions for students and coaches we ask that you patiently wait in the lobby when you are early. Due to the small space and lesson traffic, please do not allow your child to get into the pool prior to their lesson.

Use the Shower – Please rinse your swimmer prior to getting into the pool in order to wash off Oils and Lotions. Keeping the PH balanced in our pool is very important. Our heated Saltwater pool is already tough to maintain , so any additional help in keeping it clean is greatly appreciated

Refunds – No refunds; You must use your bundle of lessons in the month purchased; To reschedule a lesson (sickness, emergency, etc.) contact Coach Britt  24 hours prior to your lesson to choose a new date or your lesson will be lost.



Inclement Weather– We are gifted with a warm 88 degree pool, very seldom do we cancel due to weather. If you live in an area where it is unsafe to drive, please let me know immediately and we will work to get you rescheduled.

Hot Tub – The hot tub is not permitted for use. The increased temperature may not be suitable for extended periods, and is there for SMART Sports members, who typically don’t want to relax after a workout with a child in the hot tub. For your child’s safety and to keep everyone happy, please avoid allowing your child to use.

Pool Floors The floors are deceptively wet, so please put any dry items on my table!

Attire Please come in your bathing suit and bring a towel. Bring Goggles if you have them, if not, I have plenty of spares.

No Call / No Show No makeup lesson may be rescheduled for no call or no show. No call or no show due to illness will require a doctors note.

Payments Due at sign-up. Payment can be made via Debit, Credit, or Check.  Make checks payable to: “Swimming Lessons with Britt“. If payment is not received by the beginning of your first lesson it will be delayed until payment is received.  There will be no makeup for time lost.

Waiver A Smart Sports waiver must be signed prior to your lesson, you may come early and sign the first day of lessons, or you can request a digital copy to scan and send back or bring on your first day. Choose an option below:


  • 1,2,3 Wet Face at bath time (use a cup and pour water over forehead)
  • Stop using towels to wipe eyes off during water time. Instead, use the blink method: blink, blink, blink (that’s right blink 3 times and show them it is no big deal)
    • If you can do it without making a funny face show them yourself,
    • If you will have trouble, just keep your poker face and act like its no big deal, calm the noise, show them the trick by blinking your and encouraging them to copy you eyes, and say “all better!” , “no big deal”!, etc.
    • If your child is old enough to talk about it, or grown out the blink method, you can explain that practicing without wiping our face gets us ready for fun water activities, swim class, and emergencies.
      • Cheer them on, give praise for their accomplishment! See how many times they can do it, and join in when you have a chance, they love to do practice with grownups ❤
      • No one will be there to wipe their face in an emergency so kids NEED to be ready. Fear/Panic & water do not mix.
  • Encourage splashing, and call them paddles
  • Try to keep a positive outlook of the water around your child, especially if you are afraid of the water. And come get acclimated when the gym is closed for a personal adult lesson at $10 per lesson. ❤

Parent attitude toward the lesson and teacher affect progress. If you show that you are concerned you are justifying their fear during class. So try to be happy for them and praise your fishy for making it through class, use words/queues in class at home too!

Why are payments due at signup ? Making a payment for the package at initial signup, confirms your attendance for the package. We require payment at sign -up so that we know we are getting serious swimmers, and families.

Is 20 minutes enough time for a lesson? Yes! In my experience the intensity of program gives us a solid 20 minutes before we start to lose a swimmers attention and productivity.

Is my kid the only one who cries? Nope! Kids cry, and for many reasons.. The best advice is to be patient and give it time! We do our best to get your swimmer comfortable with us before pushing into the curriculum, that way they have had a chance to build trust before we take them under water. Crying can be normal and we will communicate to make sure the swimming experience is positive (even with tears!) You’ll find that after a lesson or 2 your swimmer is no longer sad, but used to their routine with their new swim coach!

What can I expect after a month of lessons? This question is hard to answer because every fish is different. A child with no fear of jumping in may swim after their first lesson, where a child who hates putting their face in or who is scared of the water, may take all 4 lessons to get comfortable with their coach. We also have to consider things like, Age, Level, Comfort, Communication skills, etc…in the water.You know your swimmer. You get a chance to watch and we will always communicate directly with you on your child’s progress and work together to get your fishy swimming!

About 95% of our swimmers 3yrs+ can swim to safety after their first month of classes with us; This is not a guarantee, but we are pretty good!