Learning with Life Skills

Learn the basics of swimming, and build confidence to swim independently to safety !

We learn to swim with our eyes in the pool, on our back, dive and play safely alone and with friends; The highest level of swim in the program is Level 3. Which means your child can pass a swim test that includes swimming 100 yds without breaks (any or all strokes), have a basic knowledge of proper technique for freestyle, backstroke, and breast stroke, tread water for 2 minutes, and dive for 8 toys(8ft) in under 2 minutes.

As always our goal is to get your child swimming, but also to teach them how to swim safely and make good choices in and around water. You are not required to stay in the program until we get to Level 3 but the levels help your coaches gauge what type of swimmer you are looking to get out of the program and allows us to track real progress based on Milestones.  Whether you would like your child to join a swim team, get ready for boat season, or just be able to survive in the water, life skills works to build a confident, smart swimmer so you can worry less !


Waterbabies Water acclimation, holding breathe, float, pool navigation, identifying and swimming to safety *Waterbabies is the only class where parents are allowed to get into pool, once a child is 14m or older, you may book private only*


Intro to Level 1 Swim to safety and play independently, back kick to safety.

Level 1 Light intro to stroke (Free, Back, Breast) Level 2 Stroke Technique I (all strokes: Side-breathing, Timing, Accuracy, Treading Water) Level 3 Stroke Technique II (all strokes: Stamina, Speed, Starts, Turns) 



Owner of Life Skills, and the brains behind the curriculum. I am a Florida raised Caribbean girl. I’ve been teaching since 2016; but have been a childcare professional for over 10 years now! I am Lifeguard & CPR Certified. I have my AS in Computer Programming and currently pursuing my Bachelors in Psychology (developmental).

My teaching method differs from RedCross and other large training schools, because it changes based on each students comforts, strengths, and needs in the water. The curriculum and milestones are fixed but my method encourages positive reinforcement, queues, and critical thinking in different ways to get each child moving confidently in the water. Not every adult responds to the same stimuli so why would we expect our kids to? I want swimmers to not only love the water, but understand how to navigate in and around the pool independently and safely !

My inspiration comes from Brooke Bennett Swim School (Clearwater,FL), 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist Brooke Bennett, and my awesome swimmer friend and mentor Emily Kring! They are my roots, my ladies, and framily! They taught me so much about swimming , safety awareness, and teaching in the aquatics field! I teach 4 months to adult part-time in Cheyenne. And have a fabulous coaching staff that teaches all levels and ages year-round and are often more flexible than me.


My name is Hunter . I am in JROTC and Civil Air Patrol. I enjoy flying on my spare time since I am working on getting my private pilot license. I was born in Florida, and have been swimming since I was two years old. I have four siblings, two who I babysit often, as they are quite a bit younger than me. I love to swim and travel. I am CPR certified. I have been working with Coach Britt since July 2018; I am a fun, energetic coach, that young swimmers gravitate toward! I also specialize in stroke technique, and dive for upper level students.


I moved here in 2000 from Washington state. I have a Bachelors in Psychology and now I am getting my masters in psychology as well as becoming a physical trainer and nutritionist from NASM. I have 5 nephews and 4 nieces and have taught them all how to swim!! My mom says that I was born in the water- I love to swim and I love teaching!! I am also CPR certified. I am a warm welcoming coach, great with babies and young toddlers who are shy in the water, I specialize in Coach Britt’s Waterbabies techniques.